Care & Share is for people who are homeless, have been homeless or are vulnerable to homelessness. At the heart of Care & Share is our weekly drop-in every Wednesday 2-4.30pm at Riverside Church (next door to the Job Centre Plus) on John Street, Ayr. Here you'll get a great meal, make new friends and find out all about our various activities. At Care & Share you can (if you choose to) access a range of help and advice... help with health, benefits, housing, addiction advice, education, getting back to work and lots more!

Have a look at our site here, and you'll see for yourself what we're all about. Please come along or feel free to get in touch.

Please come along or feel free to get in touch.

Ian Gall (Associate Pastor - Riverside Church)

Keep buzzing, stay positive

Poems and writingsPosted by Uuganaa 28 Mar, 2012 04:18PM

Staying alive tips

1. Have faith in God and don't give up hope

2. Live in the day

3. Ask for help and help others

4. Be kind to yourself

5. Do something you can do and enjoy doing: writing, reading, listening to music

6. SMILE. It releases positive endorphins

by Lisa

Born again

1. Love your family and people rather than drink

2. Take stock of yourself and believe in your commitments

3. Help people to understand the wrecked lives you are doing to others

4. Show people that you have changed your old habbits

5. Live life to the full. Be true to yourself and others.

6. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. God Bless.

by Burky